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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scuba- Personality

         A slightly more direct, dance oriented approach to bass music and UK dub, HotFlush records head honcho Scuba is back again- to  (hopefully) bring on a new wave of dubstep releases. Heading in a new direction after the excellent Triangulation, Scuba trades in some his Sliced-up minimal tendencies, and plunges into synthesizer nirvana.
       Incorporating old school, Kraftwerk sounding keyboard loops into his songs, while conjuring swirling masses of ambiance and eerie, mind-altering  sound fx and vocals- to combine and  form a dense and constantly shifting sound. Suited for both the club and dark basement listening. It may take a while to really delve into, but once you finally "unlock" Personality, you're in for a rewarding dub experience you can get lost in.

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