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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dropping Gems- Gems Drops Two

       Appropriately named, Gem Drops Two is an excellent compilation of Brand New Music made specifically for this Mix- Created by an eclectic Roster of Great unheard Producers across the Northwest. Somehow The Collective's a wide range of electronic Genre's  such as Glitch, Hip Hop, Chilled-out DownTempo, IDM, and UK Influenced Dub Step  piece together to form a wonderfully cohesive and full-spectrum experience of what this record label represents.
       All Donations from this album go American Cancer Society to support cancer research (d'aww) so try to give 'em something if you can. This is a great Mixtape of some stellar unheard-of Producers and it's made for a great cause (Available on Cassette!) Excuse me while I go Rock to Track 5, "Duasi" on repeat for a half hour.

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