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Friday, March 30, 2012

Grillo- Mean Green

      A bouncy Glitch-hop album with a Breezy Bossa Nova Influence. Created in a Series of Chip-tune Beat Tapes Themed around various Street Fighter Characters, this time Grillo releases Mean Green- beats made to reflect the tribal beast-man Blanka. Video game themes and the music of Brazil combine into something playful and tropical while the bass-heavy glitch bumps like nobody's business.
        Other Installments of this Street Fighter series include E. Honda and Ken if you want more hard-hitting Sounds from the Video-game world.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Space Ship Corridor Mix

     A fresh mix I made to simulate Space Travel. Galactic, out-of-this-world Electronics to star-gaze with. Featuring Artists such as Mouse on Mars, Amon Tobin, BassNectar, Tipper, Tycho, and many more.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mustard Tiger- Bonus Round

         The very Definition of glitch.  A free single released to promote his new EP Hows' your Skrimz, Aussie producer Mustard Tiger (Trailier Park Boys Reference?) unleashes a barrage of funky robotic sounds and jerky rhythms to wreck the dance floor.  If you like what you hear, check out this beatport link to purchase the Skrimz.. EP,


Mad Cube- Retrospection

     Laid-back and moody. It's time for Retrospection, a great tour EP and introduction to the musical world of Mad Cube. Murky and Subdued. This is a compelling listen of Instrumental Hip Hop and Glitch fed through an nostalgic, and slightly hazy filter. When the time comes that you need to slow down and reevaluate your lot in the world,  put this on and maybe some revelations will come to you.
      Mad Cube released another EP earlier this month- titled LordoPorco- that has a much glitchier and more experimental vibe. A bit more intense listen- showing the contrast and  duality of Mad Cube's production. I'm hungry for more from this guy, but there is little to find on him. Showing me the frustrations (and wonders) of finding music on the Internet.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ProleteR- Curses from Past Times

       The Dusted Wax Kingdom does it again.. Curses from Past Times by French Producer ProleteR is an undeniably awesome album of feel-good Instrumentals. Mining the olde dusty records from the 40s and further into the Pre-Sinatra Era. Curses... time travels to a crossroads where Swanky Horn loops, tin-alley player pianos, and Boom Bap drums mix into a cocktail so enjoyable, it's sinister.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Subaqeous- Emerald drops

         An EP composed of meditative techno and house elements with a thick wobbly undercurrent; ideal for prowling the city blocks and absorbing the surroundings. According to his description, Subaqueous created  Emerald drops to reflect the sights and sounds of walking around in downtown Seattle and it shows- Equal parts delicate  melodic flourishes and chaotic low end to reflect the nature and machinery of city living.
       The northwest is rapidly creating a fresh and terranean dub-step scene that's not quite like anything else out there. It's about time we take notice.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr Bird- On a sunny day

          And now for something almost completely different... a smooth hip-hop injected R&B/ Soul tune summoned right out in the mid- 60s, courtesy of Portugal via Britain Producer Mr Bird. An expert homage- beautiful and touching, this subtly funky track has the rare gift that the greatest soul music seems to possess- being able to dwell on the subject matter of heartache/ longing and turn it into something strangely uplifting.
       If only it could uplift me out of bed, since this New York weather is definitely not sunny today, but this helps. If you like the song, Download it of course, it's only 1 British Pound.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thomas William- Deccan Technicolor

       A Very dense and jarring approach to Glitch Music, Thomas William threads layers and entangled Shards of sound that pull you inside, and have you try to unravel the complexity that is Deccan Technicolor.
       A lot of best albums I've heard create their own personal world to inhabit, and this album is a prime example. Not sounding like hardly any other music out there, but has reoccurring themes throughout to hold your attention and fascinate an adventurous electronic fan looking for something creative and abstract. Give this a listen if you're looking for an album to unlock and trap yourself inside. download below..


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Halc- Zero-G & G2: Supernova

  Chilled out ambience and glitchy chip-tune instrumentals from Halc. His latest work- Zero-G and its companion EP, are an adventurous venture into science fiction video game scores and sound FX of a golden age- and when he fuses them together with dubby atmospherics and break beats, and your sent spinning into orbit.
     Zero-G has more to offer than just childhood nostalgia, this is a genuinely superb electronic album that I feel can hang with the best of em.
     Having said that, I can't think of anything better to blast at your next Super Nintendo/ Genesis party (This is really something people don't have enough of) Download these blissful 8-bit tunes in the player below.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tendts- Midnight Drive

     An uplifting and grooving slice of  electronics, funk, and the disco of yesteryear that's just begging to be played on the dance floor. They really know how to throw down, and their music really invokes the great times I've had in the past with old daft punk and avalanche records.
    I've fallen in love with this sound but with only 4 songs, I feel like this EP is painfully short for my liking, (even more so than other EPs I've listened to/reviewed) but it's supposed to be a free sampling/Demo of their sound so we'll just have to look out for more of these guys' work in the future.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thriftworks- Rainmaker

     I really should have posted this sooner... Eerie Dub step from Berkelian Producer Jay Atlas A.K.A. Thriftworks. He's a true master of his sound- slow, smokey dub with bone-rattling wobbles and dark, other-worldly vocals collide with delicate world instruments, to end up with a sound that evokes the feeling of some shaman summoning apparitions into his night-ritual.
     Rainmaker is the soundtrack to the dark and unknown, conjured in the Haunted Forest of the psyche.
       Download for free on the Bandcamp Player below. Check out his other albums too- Massive stuff.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Havelok Grim- Hoof years

   Wicked Instrumental Hip Hop with an experimental edge. A compelling album/ EP by UK Beatmaker Havelok Grim- is where you should turn to if you like your Electronic Music warped, claustrophobic, and frazzled. Fans who can't get enough of abstract producers like Daedelus and Flying Lotus, or just craving some sonic variety, should defientely give this album a listen. It may take a couple tries to grasp- with the confusing interludes and scatter-shot song structures- but once you lock in, the Hoof Years turns into a pretty fascinating listening experience that you can discover something new on with each listen. DL for free Below or on Bandcamp.

Spring Gro(o)ve Mix

      A mix I made on 8tracks for the warming seasons. Lots of instrumental hip-hop -mostly from the UK- made for the budding leaves and  joyous, care-free, nature-filled journeys. Featuring Artists like Quantic, Damu the Fudgemunk, Incise, and a whole bunch more.  Hope you enjoy.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Evidence- March 2012 mix

    Evidence dropped a superb hour long mix a few weeks ago I felt like sharing. Featuring some of my favorite dub producers- Phaleah and Biome, plus some unheard tracks I'm really loving. Worth a listen if you're interested in deep and dark UK Dubstep. Check this mediafire link for a download.

Mecca:83- D A Y B R E A K

          Manchester's Mecca:83 gives us D A Y B R E A K- some soothing sounds for the morning struggle. Light, crisp drums, soul samples, and rhodes-like keyboards that make you never want to leave bed again. Fans of Nujabes and Dilla rejoice.You can download for free (or donate and be a good person) on the bandcamp player below.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Esbe - Sweet & Sour- 3rd collection Volumes 1 &2

      Instrumentals carved in the dark corridors of consciousness-  Esbe from Dusted Wax drops a massive double LP, Sweet & Sour 3rd collection- volumes 1&2.  An excellent collection of vaporous and indefinite atmospherics, blending with soothing jazz loops, and rattling, cavernous drum breaks cranked up to eleven. The result is an album of Trip Hop that is the perfect combination of melody and ambiance- Breezy and Subterranean, Soothing, yet intense and inspiring. This album has really opened a portal of possibilities to the imagination.
       As Always, you can stream or download these albums and many more for free on their website,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scuba- Personality

         A slightly more direct, dance oriented approach to bass music and UK dub, HotFlush records head honcho Scuba is back again- to  (hopefully) bring on a new wave of dubstep releases. Heading in a new direction after the excellent Triangulation, Scuba trades in some his Sliced-up minimal tendencies, and plunges into synthesizer nirvana.
       Incorporating old school, Kraftwerk sounding keyboard loops into his songs, while conjuring swirling masses of ambiance and eerie, mind-altering  sound fx and vocals- to combine and  form a dense and constantly shifting sound. Suited for both the club and dark basement listening. It may take a while to really delve into, but once you finally "unlock" Personality, you're in for a rewarding dub experience you can get lost in.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DJ Format Featuring Edan- Spaceship Earth

           DJ format is back! Fresh from his new album Statement of Intent, and pretty much all I can say is WOW- This Song is absolute Fire. Edan does rip it every track he's been on, but I thought maybe he'd be rusty or something.... how wrong could I be? He  comes onto Spaceship Earth, and frankly drops one of the greatest verses I have heard in the past few years. Quicksilver psychedelic imagery Spit over Format's raw psych guitar stampede- a track that totally would fit in on Edan's last album, Beauty and the Beat. You can tell he feels right at home, and the flow is locked in place for lift-off. Statement of Intent came out on February 27th, Check it out if you're in search of forward-looking hip hop craft work.

Chillin' Mix

      A Mix made for relaxation and introversion. Featuring mostly instrumental hip hop and electronics with a calming touch. Including Artists like Maker, 40 Winks, Long Arm, Fat Jon, Thallus, and many more. Ironically, this mix caused a decent amount of stress for me- There were just too many tracks I wanted to include that didn't quite make it on here. I guess I will have to make more chilled-out mixes in the future. Stay Tuned for part 2..


Monday, March 12, 2012

Handbook- Listen to the Sea

    Just Discovered this excellent Producer on soundcloud, York-based Handbook Crafts mellowed-out Instrumentals that takes Boom Bap in a more Serene Direction. I really dig everything I've heard so far, and recommend his newest LP, Layerism if you want to hear more. It's only costs a Pound too!

Beat Culture- Tokyo Dreamer

      Towering walls of synthesisors, the drifting ebb of vocals, and experimental dub elements form as one for BeatCulture- 17 year old wunderkind Sunik Kim. Crafting epic, detailed production well beyond his years. Imagine if M83 and dubstep artists like Burial or Star Slinger had a baby and you would be in the ball park-range of his sound. I don't like generalizing, so just let the massive waves of sound wash over you and dwell in the hazy city of Tokyo Dreamer.

Shag- FlyRule

        Redesigned Arrangements of the soundtrack to the best video game in existence (Don't argue with me, I don't want to hear it!)- FlyRule by Shag is a welcomed rarity- a remix/ video game music album that for once is imaginative with source music,  and not just video game sounds sliced up to a drum break for a knowing audience.  Check out the opening track and it's use of the  game's interface sound FX to create an underlying melody for proof, or simply the way every song is arranged to inject some new life into an already amazing score. This is a soundtrack that dominated my Childhood and imagination so I might be a little biased to this particular Reworking, But I feel this was made with love, and anybody with a fondness of hip-hop instrumentals could find something to enjoy here- even if you aren't familiar with the original music. I plan on blasting this on my next venture into Hyrule.


SuhnRaw- Celestial

       So I know I'm probably playing this guy out, but man, SuhnRaw just keeps coming out with great grooves seemingly every other week.  This time it's Celestial- a self described practice/ experiment in sound that captures this hypnotic, other-worldly vibe I'm really digging and want to hear more out of him. At only 1:42, it's a little too short, but hopefully this experiment bears more fruit in the form of a full length or EP in future days.

Friday, March 9, 2012

DJ Krush- Optical Path/ Phasic Swing

           Nearly 20 years later and The Legendary DJ Krush is still equipped with the sickness.This New(ish) Single Optical Path B sided w/ Phasic Swing w dropped a few weeks ago that I somehow didn't notice. These Tracks show off the creepier, Subterranean side  of his production style to sound like twisted Tokyo Nightmares. This style was displayed to full effect when  I saw him in Williamsburg last month- He Blew my Mind with the best 3 hour set of DJing I've ever seen by a mile. If you have the opportunity, see him live by any means necessary.

RunC.T.- Galaxy EP

           Soothing Ambient Inter-Stellar Soundscapes with a Hip-Hop twist, courtesy of 18 year old texan prodigy RunC.T. You gotta sit down and  take notice of this truly spacey adventure into the great beyond. So get in the Cockpit, turn on the visualizer, and let the Galaxy wash over you.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a Jazzy Thing

Beatkartell - Rejoin

''Cloud Lv.5''

''Cloud Lv.5''

Suhnraw- Soul

           Tranquil  and reflective, L.As SuhnRaw drops Soul - a silky smooth yet low-end loving collection of beats that I'm really digging for unwinding and relaxing in the afternoon sun. Spring time is pretty much here and there's hardly any other album out there that captures the feeling of worry-free R&R and the warming climate- Loungin' son.
   Suhnraw just dropped another EP this month titled 4U which you should check out. It's a little more soul/funk influenced sound and equally sick. I'm having a hard time keeping up with all these producers dropping  an LP a month.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dropping Gems- Gems Drops Two

       Appropriately named, Gem Drops Two is an excellent compilation of Brand New Music made specifically for this Mix- Created by an eclectic Roster of Great unheard Producers across the Northwest. Somehow The Collective's a wide range of electronic Genre's  such as Glitch, Hip Hop, Chilled-out DownTempo, IDM, and UK Influenced Dub Step  piece together to form a wonderfully cohesive and full-spectrum experience of what this record label represents.
       All Donations from this album go American Cancer Society to support cancer research (d'aww) so try to give 'em something if you can. This is a great Mixtape of some stellar unheard-of Producers and it's made for a great cause (Available on Cassette!) Excuse me while I go Rock to Track 5, "Duasi" on repeat for a half hour.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mental Traveler/ City Wauka Mix

Mental Traveler Mix from SleepNemesis on 8tracks.

This is a mix of Groovin' Electronics I made a few days ago for my time out and about in the Big City.  Has Tracks From Mimosa, iTal tEK, Ghostly artists like Gold Panda and Shigeto, Some Dusted Wax, Pretty lights artists and much, much, more. Hopefully you will find something exciting or new from this 8 tracks Playlist. I personally think it's pretty damn good but what do I know? Haha, Enjoy.

Mista 93- Da Boom Baptizum

          If you haven't heard of them, you should definitely check out The Dusted Wax Kingdom- a Bulgarian (donation) based Web Label that sports a huge roster of producers specializing in Ambient Breakbeat and Dusty Instrumental Hip Hop. New-comer to the label, Mista 93 drops Da Boom Baptizum, which  comes off sounding like old beat tape of 90s hip hop production left forgotten in a gloomy basement for years- aged to perfection to have the chilled, smokey, and caverness feel of the past. This is a must-hear for fans of Early DJ Krush, Amon Tobin, and Da Beat Minaz - Dig This Vibe and don't sleep. You can stream this album or download for free on their website

Monday, March 5, 2012

heRobust- Late Night/Morning After EPs

More Far out Tunes from the crazy prolific heRobust, Producing beats that seem like they they were crafted in another world, disorienting Electronics fed through a hazy funk filter. The sounds on these two companion EPs Late Night & Morning After are truly off-the-wall and ahead of their time. The sound of the future is here. Check it out and Name your Price.

Shadow Attack- Aqua Dipped

Although Coming out a few months ago, I feel like I just have to promote this EP since I've been playing it to death these past few months and it's a little too under the radar for comfort. A relatively New producer, (in terms of back catalogue) Shadow Attack creates complex beats of glitchy Detroit style hip hop with tripped-out dubstep Elements to craft futuristic, evolving soundscapes not quite like anything you've heard before. Prepare For Shadow Attack! I can  hardly do it justice so you'll just have to check it out for yourself.  This guy has to gain the notoriety he deserves and for just $5 on his BandCamp, It'll be one the best music purchases you'll make this year. This Thing Bumps Like no other.

Bonobo- Eyesdown (MachineDrum Remix)

Fresh Off Bonobo's brand New Compilation Black Sands Remixed, This Killer Remix is done by the   Awesome Glitch-Hop Mastermind Machinedrum (also 1/2 of the hot dub-step duo Sepalcure) and paired with one the most incredible videos I think I've ever seen. Maybe I'm biased to psychedelic, colorful animation but come on, the imagery and attention to detail is unbelievable. I really hope this is a sign of things to come for the future of music videos. I really wish I knew the name of the director/animator so if anyone can tell me, please let me know! 
Bonobo & Friends are playing an album release party on Thursday, March 29th at (le) Poisson Rouge in NYC. See ya there.

Burial + Four Tet - Nova

Burial + Four Tet - Nova
Fresh from recently Releasing his Kindred EP Last Month, Burial is back yet again with another Great collaboration with The Ethereal BeatMaster Four Tet. After working together before on previous Singles both as a duo and with Radiohead Thom Yorke, They are the rarest of collaborations- a massively successful fusion of both producers styles to craft dark and hypnotic grooves perfect for subway travels and nocturnal antics. Maybe a full length awaits us in the future? My fingers are crossed but for now we have Nova. Hope you enjoy!