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Monday, April 23, 2012

WaMoo Papez- We Float

      Gifted New York Producer offers us a round of subtle  but experimental glitch music with delicate melodies buried in the mix and stuttering rhythms propelling music into touching and emotive fabric of sound. A difficult style to pin down, WaMoo papez' sound touches on a light, but hectic hip-hop and electronic sound, with the hazy ethereal sample chopping of Gold Panda and Four tet. (That's actually how I found out about this guy- a link posted on Four tet's page) Familiar styles but totally unique and original approach- A sound you can't quite place or put your finger on. Listen to Elise, with it's meloncholy vocal sample and sense of longing,  the almost anthematic title track, or the sublime nod to my home state, Detroit Piston. with all the varied moods, buried                instrumentation, and stuttered ambiance, (if that makes any sense.) We Float is unmissable.

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